Expungement of Crimial Records

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How Can I Expunge a Criminal Record in New Jersey

The ramifications of criminal charges in New Jersey can negatively impact your life well after the case is disposed, regardless of the outcome. For example, a charge on your criminal record can become an impediment when you are seeking employment, housing, education, or even attempting to adopt a child. Even in cases in which the charges are ultimately dismissed, a record of the initial arrest and the original charge and/or charges remains, and as such, will appear on a criminal background check. 


New Jersey law provides a limited right to expungement.  The primary purpose of New Jersey’s expungement law is to provide an opportunity, a "do-over", to those who have only a few convictions or have demonstrated that they are amendable to rehabilitation. The law also provides for the expungement of dismissed cases, juvenile offenses, and certain victims’ convictions. Some records, cannot be expunged, such as out-of-state arrests or convictions, most motor vehicle-related offenses, and very serious crimes.


New Jersey Law carefully defines who is eligible for an expungement. If a person is eligible, they must prepare all the necessary paperwork, meet all the procedural criteria, and file the necessary petition with the court. A petition may be deemed deficient if the proper procedural rules are not followed. 


Once a petition is filed, a judge then decides whether to issue an Expungement Order.  With certain exceptions, an Expungement Order allows a person to apply for a job, school, and other opportunities truthfully without revealing that they were arrested or convicted of a crime. 


The expungement process may be overwhelming and deceptively complex.   A Petition for Expungement that is found deficient by a Judge may cause unnecessary anxiety, fear, and delay. This is why it is important to hire an experienced New Jersey expungement lawyer to help you through the process.  

At Cardoso Law, we can help best prepare you for this important step in your life and minimize any unnecessary delay.  We will:

  1. help you determine whether you are eligible for an expungement;
  2. help you locate your necessary records;
  3. prepare and draft a Petition for Expungement ;
  4. file the Petition for Expungement  with the appropriate county;
  5. serve the appropriate agencies;
  6. if necessary, appear for an Expungement Hearing; and
  7. serve all necessary parties if a Judge grants an expungement.


We understand how important it is to have your record expunged so you may move on with your life.  Let us help you get there.

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