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We Welcome Your Referral

If you are a real estate agent, accountant, financial planner, attorney, or other professional whose clients need help with a legal matter, Cardoso Law welcomes your referral. 

Referring cases to our office designates you as a PREFERRED REFERRAL PARTNER.  This means that when you refer us cases, you will be placed in our exclusive network of preferred partners and we will refer matters to you.  Also, where the law permits, we will pay you a REFERRAL FEE.  Our office offers a network of partners that we work with in our practice and we want you to be a part of it!

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Why Refer to Cardoso Law

When you work with Cardoso Law, you will have access to years of experience and specialized knowledge.  Your clients will be given targeted solutions that fit their specific needs. Our office provides up-front pricing with no surprise billing, which guarantees your clients the peace of mind they deserve.  Our appointments are both easy and flexible by offering virtual/video appointments as well as in-person appointments. 

In addition to a wealth of legal experience, your clients will also receive superb customer service. Whether its phone calls, emails, or appointments, your clients will always be informed regarding their legal matter. We take pride in providing a professional service that your clients can be satisfied with. This makes them happy and they appreciate you more for sending them to us.

Cardoso Law consistently exhibits a partnered approach to all our referrals.  This means that we extend an open line of communication to you throughout the case so that you may request updates, ask questions, or express any concerns.  Our goal is to treat you as a preferred partner because it matters.

We Pay Referral Fees in Criminal Matters

The Supreme Court of New Jersey authorizes attorneys who are Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey to pay referral fees to referring attorneys. Rule 1:39-6. This means that only Supreme Court Certified Attorneys can legally pay fees to referring attorneys.  Vando Cardoso, Esq. is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney.  This means that any attorney that refers our office a criminal matter may be eligible for a referral fee for that prospective client!

Our goal is to ensure that our referral partners are happy. That’s why we take referral fees very seriously.  Our rates are competitive and our payments are reliable.  We offer a fast, easy process for ensuring payment. 

Here’s how it works. An attorney who refers a prospective criminal matter will be eligible to be for a referral fee if the following occurs:

  • The referring attorney refers a prospective criminal matter to our office;
  • The attorney fills out the form below with all details prior to the prospective client contacting our office;
  • The referred-prospective client contacts our office and advises us that they were referred by the referring attorney; and
  • The prospective client signs our retainer and pays their retainer fee in full.

Once all the above occur, you will be eligible to receive a referral fee. It’s that easy! 

In addition to the referral fee, Cardoso Law, will add you to our exclusive referral network under your practice area. We are always getting calls about matters we do not handle, and those who refer to us we are happy to refer back to you.

Refer Us a Matter Today!

We welcome your partnership and we hope you consider us.  Our network is strong and we hope it gets stronger with your future business. To refer us matters, or learn more about our referral program and the benefits it offers, please call our office at (973) 659-4656 or email any questions to [email protected] today!

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