Theft And Shoplifting

Close-up of man stealing wallet from bag of young lady walking with daughter in fresh food shop, thief taking purse out of shopping bag


The act of taking another person's property without their consent is commonly known as theft.  In New Jersey, a person of accused of committing theft may be sentenced up to state prison. Additionally, a theft related conviction can also destroy a person's reputation and prevent future employment.


If you are accused of a crime involving theft or shoplifting, it is important to hire a New Jersey theft defense lawyer with a high level of training, experience, and skill in handling all forms of New Jersey theft crimes and shoplifting.   


Vando Cardoso is a former Prosecutor and Special Deputy Attorney General.  He has successfully litigated and won many New Jersey theft cases on behalf of the State of New Jersey. His experience and unique insight into how prosecutor's handle theft and shoplifting crimes better assist him in aggressively defending his clients. 


At Cardoso Law, we know how severe the consequences of a conviction can be.  We strive to ensure that you have the best possible outcome available no matter the situation. Our firm will aggressively and relentlessly work on your case to have your charges reduced, secure an outright dismissal, or win at trial. 

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