New Jersey Expungements – Are You Eligible?

Having a criminal conviction or offense on your record is awful. It’s a shackle on your life and keeps you in a perpetual pause.  It limits everything you want to do.  You limits you from applying for the job you, prevents you from adopting kids, and limits your overall interaction with society. You feel like even after paying a debt to society, you still owe some more.

Have you thought about applying for a New Jersey Expungement?  

Here are some key general time frames for eligibility. Keep in mind that there are exceptions  and restrictions to every rule and you should contact Cardoso Law to schedule your free case review to determine if you are in fact eligible. 

1. Indictable (ordinary expungement): after five (5) years associated with the latest of any offense; not available if subsequent crime or four offenses; not available for certain crimes.

2. Disorderly Persons and petty disorderly persons (generally): After five (5) years if no criminal convictions; not available if more than five subsequent offenses.

3. Municipal ordinances: after two (2) years; not available if convicted of one crime or two offenses

4. Whole Juvenile record: after five (5) years; barred by serious deliquency or adult expungement or diversion.

5. Arrests not resulting in conviction: immediately or six (6) months after diversion. 

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