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Your experience with buying or selling a home may depend on the real estate team that you surround yourself with. If your team is dedicated to you, typically your experience will be more favorable. If the team is not dedicated to you, sometimes that may result in a not so favorable experience. Having a good real estate agency is only half of the equation. What about the attorney who can assist you with buying or selling a home?

“I negotiated very complex cases throughout my career.”

My name is Vando Cardoso. I am an attorney at Cardoso Law in North Arlington, New Jersey. I’ve been an attorney for over 10 years. I was a former prosecutor with the State of New Jersey. As a former prosecutor, I negotiated very complex cases throughout my career. Every case I handled required management of multiple tasks, communication with all parties, and compassion to those involved. These key skills helped me assist all of my clients in all areas of practice, especially in real estate transactions.

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“I pride myself in putting my client’s needs first.”

I pride myself in putting my client’s needs first. I approach every purchase or sale of property with a team focused mindset. From the moment I am retained, I speak with the client to assess what their needs are. I explain the process to them and I remain available throughout the entire experience. I then work closely with the realtor to ensure that the client’s needs are met. My approach is premised on very basic principles:

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  • Availability

    I am available to both the client and the sales agent throughout all stages of the transaction. The client will never feel alone during their experience;

  • Communication

    Real estate transactions require a lot of communication. My policy is to ensure that the client and sales agent are always informed and aware at every stage of the transaction; and

  • Practical Approach:

    Real estate transactions require compromise from all sides. I approach every real estate transaction from a practical perspective that focuses on reasonable compromises that accomplish my client’s goals.

“I serve all of my clients with professionalism and excellence.”

I look forward to working with you on your next purchase or sale of property.

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