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If you or a loved one are currently being investigated or have been arrested in Hackensack New Jersey, it is important to hire an experienced, skilled, and reputable Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and liberties. Whether it is a traffic ticket, disorderly person's offense, or a felony criminal charge, you need a Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense law firm that will advocate for your rights.  When considering who to hire as criminal defense lawyer, you need to review their experience, repuptation, and what distinctions they have received in their careers.

Cardoso Law is a full service, top rated Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense firm. Cardoso Law is highly rated on Google and Avvo for it's exceptional service, experience, and client centric approach.  Cardoso Law was named 2022 Best DUI Law Firm in Newark by Cardoso Law has a reputation for aggressively and relentlessly working on client cases to have their charges reduced, secure an outright dismissal, or win at trial.

Vando Cardoso, Esq. is the lead attorney for the firm.  He is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney.  This highly-coveted distinction has only been awarded to 250 out of more than 100,000 attorneys in the State of New Jersey.  This is the only distinction recognized by the Supreme Court of New Jersey for an attorney's experience, reputation, and skill.  He is also a former prosecutor with over 10 years of criminal trial experience. He has tried numerous cases to verdict and secured countless victories for his clients.

Cardoso Law is a Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense firm that specializes in municipal, superior, and federal criminal law.   Our experienced and aggressive Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense firm, representing clients throughout Bergen County, Passaic County, and Hudson County, will help you achieve the best possible results in your criminal or traffic matter. With offices in North Arlington, our firm is here to help you. Call anytime, day or night, for a FREE consultation.

New Jersey Criminal Defense

Our firm handles all forms of crimes including:

  1. Drug Crimes and offenses
  2. Theft and Shoplifting
  3. Juvenile Law
  4. Domestic Violence
  5. Assault and Violent Charges
  6. White Collar Crimes
  7. Expungements
  8. Criminal Appeals
  9. Weapons Related Crimes
  10. And More!

DUI and DWI Defense

New Jersey has very some of the highest penalties for driving while impaired and driving under the influence.  Please see how our Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense lawyers can help. 

New Jersey Municipal and Traffic Defense

Our firm handles all forms of municipal matters including: 

  1. Simple Assault (including domestic violence simple assault)
  2. Disorderly Conduct
  3. Shoplifting (merchandise must be valued at less than $200)
  4. Harassment
  5. Drug Paraphernalia
  6. Having a Fake ID
  7. DWI and DUI
  8. Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle
  9. Traffic and parking tickets
  10. And More!

Real Experiences by Real Clients!

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Cardoso Law serves Hackensack New Jersey and all surrounding communities. At Cardoso Law, exceptional service, professional representation, and a personal approach are the cornerstones of our firm. We strive to ensure that you have the best possible outcome available no matter the situation. Our firm will aggressively and relentlessly work on your case to have your charges reduced, secure an outright dismissal, or win at trial.

Just hear what our clients are saying about us and see for yourselves!

"Vando Cardoso went above and beyond for my case. He was very quick with all my all my inquiries and responses and getting back to me with great results. I will be hiring him again for any future court matter. Thank you Vando for helping me with my case and making my situation a huge relief for me." N.R.

"Mr Cardoso is well groomed in his craft, his assessment to my case was spot on, and he delivered the desire result. I appreciate his hard work and dedication for helping me out during the time in need. I would have lost my career if it wasn’t for him. Thank you Mr Cardoso."  A.H.

"Mr. Cardoso represented us in a personal legal matter. He was very professional, punctual, responsive, honest, and an expert in his field. We highly recommend him. We cannot thank him enough for his kindness and hard work related to this matter." D.M.

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Family Law and Restraining Orders

Hackensack New Jersey Facts

Hackensack is a township in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city had a total area of 4.35 square miles (11.27 km2), including 4.19 square miles (10.86 km2) of land and 0.16 square miles (0.41 km2) of water (3.63%).

The city is bordered by the Bergen County municipalities of Bogota, Hasbrouck Heights, Little Ferry, Lodi, Maywood, Paramus, Ridgefield Park, River Edge, South Hackensack, Teaneck and Teterboro.

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FAQs About Hackensack New Jersey Law Services

A criminal charge is a very serious allegation brought by the State of New Jersey that can have lasting impact on your rights and freedom.  Representing yourself in court without a Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense lawyer is never a good idea.  

Our Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense law firm can help you obtain the best possible outcome available no matter the situation. Our firm will fight to get you a lighter sentence, secure an outright dismissal, or win at trial. 

If you are arrested in Hackensack New Jersey, it is strongly advised that you do not speak with the police before hiring a Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense attorney.  Even a small statement that may seem innocent may be used against you in your case.  

You have no obligation to speak to the police despite what they say to you.  You have the right to remain silent as well as the right to lawyer. If you're arrested, make sure you invoke those rights by telling the police that you will not make a statement and you wish to speak to your lawyer. 

If you are arrested, charged, or believe you will be charged, you should immediately hire a Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense attorney.  A criminal defense attorney can immediately reach out to the prosecutor or the police and immediately begin to work on your matter to secure the best available possible outcome. 

After you arrested, you are generally brought to the police department where you will be processed. This means that once you're down at the police station, the police will fingerprint you, draft your complaint, and in some cases attempt to take a statement from you.  As a reminder, do not speak to the police about anything involving your case. Always invoke your right for a lawyer!

After being processed, depending on whether you are charged on a Complaint Warrant or Summons, you may have to see a judge to determine the conditions of your release.  

The prosecutor at this time has the opportunity to file for a detention hearing. This is a crucial point because this hearing will determine whether you are going to be released or remain incarcerated pending the outcome of your case.

Make sure you hire a criminal defense lawyer who has the skill, reputation, and experience in criminal defense at the time of arrest to ensure you are in the best position to handle this part of your case.

If there is an outstanding warrant for you, an experienced lawyer can arrange to have you turn yourself into the police.  This saves the client the embarrassment of being arrested in public.  If a client does not turn himself in, the police can arrest you anywhere including at work, home, or even in front of your children. 

If you have an outstanding arrest warrant, it is a very good idea to speak to an attorney about voluntary surrender.  The faster you retain an experienced attorney, the faster the work can be put in to get you the best possible result. 

You should never accept a plea deal without speaking with an experienced and skilled Hackensack New Jersey criminal defense lawyers.  

Most criminal cases do not go to trial.  However, you need to fully understand the facts of your case and what available defenses you may have before considering an offer by the prosecutor.  As a former prosecutor, Vando Cardoso at Cardoso Law has the skill, experience, and training necessary to secure the best possible outcome. Our firm will be ready for your case and provide you with all your available options. 

If you were arrested for DUI or DWI in Hackensack New Jersey , the first you must do is hire an experienced Hackensack New Jersey DUI/DWI attorney.  At this stage of arrest, the prosecutor's office is building a case against you and likely pursuing the maximum penalty against you.  You need an experienced Hackensack New Jersey DWI/DUI lawyer on your side from the beginning.

Cardoso Law has the experience necessary to build a defense for you.  Our office was named the 2022 Best DUI Law Firm in Newark by Let us help you get your life back on track. 

Depending on your driving history and the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you may be facing a number of penalties including:

  • Jail time;
  • Fines;
  • License suspension;
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device;
  • Intoxicated driver resource center class; and
  • Insurance surcharges. 

If you are arrested for domestic violence, be courteous to the police but tell them that you will not answer any questions without your attorney.  With that in mind, call an experienced attorney immediately.  Having an experienced attorney can dramatically impact the legal process. 

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