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Drug Crimes & Offenses

If you were arrested in New Jersey for possession, possession with intent, distribution, or some other drug related charge, you may be facing mandatory state prison. 

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Theft And Shoplifting

Shoplifting and theft charges in New Jersey can carry penalties that include spending time in jail or state prison.  

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New Jersey has some of the highest penalties for drunk driving and driving under the influence. 

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Juvenile Law

A juvenile arrest in New Jersey can damage a young person's future. In some cases, it may even cost their liberty.  

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Domestic Violence Weapon's Seizure And Forfeiture

New Jersey domestic violence incidents have far reaching consequences beyond restraining orders.  They also have an effect on your rights to possess weapons

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Domestic Violence Law

Domestic violence in New Jersey is a specialized area of law that is treated very seriously. It can involve restraining orders, loss of firearms (and FPIC cards), and even state prison. 

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Violent Crimes

Violent crimes (for example aggravated assaults, gun crimes, and murder) in New Jersey carry the most severe penalties up to and including life in prison without parole. 

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White Collar Crimes

A New Jersey white collar charge (for example fraud or embezzlement) can damage a person's reputation and subject them to severe penalties and incarceration. 

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Criminal Appeals

Our justice system gives a person convicted of a crime an opportunity to appeal his or her criminal case.  However, a person has only a limited time to file the appeal.  

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Expungement Of Criminal Records

A person convicted of a crime in New Jersey may apply to have his or her criminal record expunged.  However, the law does not allow for all records to be expunged and requires specific procedures when applying. 

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